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Adviesburo Stout Schiedam

Welcome to Stout Consultants

Stout Consultants is specialized in interim and project management in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship. The consultancy's power is the unique combination of strategic commercial insight, pragmatic acting and cooperation with social and environmental organizations.

Over 30 years experience

I am originally a corporate economist, however the last 30 years I have been mostly active in commercial business. Especially in the timber sector, I have gained increased experience in several (interim) management- and executive functions, national as well as international.

Actions speak louder than words

Having been raised in the region of Rotterdam, the creed "Actions speak louder than words" has been drilled into me. I prefer to combine strategic insight with pragmatic acting. Actually I am 'terribly practical' (see interviews in Milieudefensie magazine).

Sustainability and healthy profit

Sustainability is my life's work. Since the early 90's I've witnessed the poor working conditions in the Brazilian timber industry. The safety measures were especially poor. My common sense told me that it could not continue that way. The FSC-seal came at the right time.
However, when it comes to sustainability, the economic factor is often undervalued. Sustainability is only realistic when combined with a healthy profit. Profit can be used to reinvest, expand and to improve social conditions. FSC shows that this is quite possible. Due to the quick success of FSC, I have become optimistic about the earth's future.

Cooperation with social organizations

As an entrepreneur I have been taught the belief that business cannot cooperate with environmental movements and development organizations. From experience I now know that cooperation is quite possible when based on clear agreements from both sides. Because of this, I feel that businesses should be more willing to cooperate with social and environmental organizations.

Hans Stout